Application Areas

Our expertise lies in offering a wide range of Water Fountains and associated accessories in both standard and customized specifications. Some of the areas where these have high demand include:

(1). Hotels & resorts (2). Hospitals (3). Water parks (4). Gardens
(3). Municipal corporations (4). Nagar parishad (5). Gymnasiums & clubs

We have installed and supplied fountains and play equipments all over Orissa and to all type of organization i.e. Govt. bodies like N.A.C., Municipal Corporation,Development Authorities, Public Sector Undertaking like N.T.P.C.Ltd, NALCO, MCL, IOC Ltd, Housing Society (Apartments), Builders, School, Shopping Plazas, Charitable Trust, Engineering college, Hotel, Resorts and also for farm house and Bungalows of individual persons.

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